The Practice

IMG_4906_2I think the most important thing in developing a practice of using a rosary for prayer is keeping at it until you find something that “fits” for you. There are numerous classic prayers that can be used with your rosary. The following site has an excellent description of how to pray with an Anglican Rosary and it offers multiple suggested prayers as well:

Most people begin this practice by praying the rosary with a structure provided by someone else. Some people are content to follow a given structure, while others develop their own unique pattern of praying with a rosary. You can follow your imagination to create your own unique practice by selecting scriptures, songs, or wisdom from spiritual mothers and fathers in the faith.

When you pray, it’s helpful to begin by finding a quiet spot to allow your body and mind to become at rest and still. After a time of silence, allow yourself the time to begin praying at an unhurried, intentional pace. When you are done, another period of silence will help you reflect and listen.

Word of God,  Love through whom all things were created:
Earth and sky,
Sand and sea,
ood and flower,
Plant and every living creature.
May all in Him be transformed,  complete.
May He, in all, be reflected and glorified. A